Mahakali Yantra


Kali Yantra bestows on the sadhaka fulfilment of all his desires, wealth, comforts of life and is used for Mohan or Vashikaran purposes. Mahakali yantra is very powerful and tested yantra.

This Yantra has occult powers & it’s worship reverses the ill-effects of black magic, and frees a person from the bad influences of spirits & ghosts. This Yantra also eliminates the harmful effects of malefic planets, especially Saturn(Shani), which are usually responsible for misfortunes, sufferings and sorrows in life. Kali Yantra bestows spiritual power, and results in fulfillment of desires, increase in wealth and comforts of life

This yantra is embossed on copper plate and is Gold plated . One should keep the image of Kali while performing puja on it. The Eight plated lotus represents (1) Akasha (2) Air (3) Fire (4)Water (5) Earth (6) Mind (7) Intellect (8) Ego.

Mantra -“Om Kareeng Kalekaye Namah,

OmKapalinayeNamah ”

Please find the link for details of Pooja at home –

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