Vastudosh Nashak Maha Yantra – 9 Inch Gold


Sampoorna Vastudoshnashak Yantra is one of the useful and most powerful yantra for reducing the evil effects arisingĀ  from mistakes of vastu in our home, offices and shops.Vastu Shastra is an scientific way of achieving mental peace, harmony, happiness and prosperity. This yantra is being used preferably by all vastu consultants while consulting to their client.

Construction of houses, shops, commercial organizations, inns, temples, vehicles etc. must be according to Vastu. One should worship Vastu deity to remove the grim faults in Vastu of one’s house, shop or commercial organization.This Yantra helps to cure all inherent Vaastu faults and remove their ill-effects, but also generates the positive & benefic effects of Vaastu.

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