Following are the Policies Followed by Rudrapuja While Transacting with the client.

  1. Rudrapuja Shall and will be responsible for goods, which are according to the Specification of Ordered goods, in that Case Rudrapuja is also responsible for Transportation Cost also if goods are not delivered according to specification, Ultimate decision of Goods not according to Specification will be solely on Rudrapuja.
  2. Rudrapuja is liberal on the part of Customers also, If by mistake customer has ordered wrong goods then Rudrapuja will also accept the responisbility of exchanging the goods, but in that case total Transportation cost will be solely on the Client.
  3. Rudrapuja strictly accepts the payment 100% advance on order, which will be applicable for all our clients including our distributors.
  4. If Clients is making payment through cheque, then goods will be delivered after the clearance of cheque.
  5. Not always all the goods are available, so it would be kind request to our clients to confirm before making payment the availability, if its a customised order. Delivery of goods may sometimes take 7 days to delivery, normal delivery would be made in 3 to 4 days.
  6. We have integerated paypal payment options, as we consider Paypal as a safest payment gateway for our clients who wishes to make payment through credit card. Automatic online bill and order confirmation will be sent on order of goods.
  7. Visitirs of sites sending enquiry should please clearly specify the details of their enquiry and distributor filling the details should also specify their requirements.