How to Choose Rudraksha, benefits of rudraksha and Different Power Combination of Rudraksha

The most Common way of wearing Rudraksha is to buy a mala of 5 Mukhi, as 5 Mukhi mala is most common and easily accessible mala beads. Many times wearer is not aware of beads properties of rudraksha, their belief that beads are divine, they are good for health and help in Spirituality. It is also been experienced that wearing rudraksha from an early age of 20 and above people do not suffer from blood pressure or diabetes.

The main issue of how to ascertain the genuineness of the bead and how to do the classification of Nepal, Indonesia or Haridwar, some basic points need to be kept in mind of how to test rudraksha and carrying out a test in order to find original rudraksha.

If we study fake rudraksha out of total beads following are a percentage of beads we may find.

One Mukhi – 70%

Gaurishanker – 10%

Higher beads from 10 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi – 20 %

Rudraksha of eight mukhi and above are often made out of lower mukhi beads. The most common method is to carve additional lines. Some fake rudraksha are made of ordinary woods, betel nuts or seeds of wild berries with the figures of shivling, snakes or om.

One way is to follow the X-ray technique whereby one can see the internal structure without damaging the beads. This test can work without much complications for rudraksha up to nine mukhis but for higher beads, it may not give 100% accurate results, X-ray from different angles may help to count the inner seeds.

Following simple procedures can be made for checking the originality of beads.

(1) A good and perfectly matured rudraksha should sink in water but this does not mean that all rudraksha that does not sink in water is fake. A genuine rudraksha can also float in water if there is a hole in it and when the air is trapped.

(2) Rotating the beads between two copper coins is also not a correct procedure as any bead having a surface like that of rudraksha and having grooves and ups and downs can rotate in this condition.

(3) A proper examination of the beads with one’s own eye is the best method available for which one does not have to be an expert. One should not buy a round one Mukhi even if it available covered with a skin or leaves. Do not buy Gaurishanker having a flat end to end joint.

(4) Boiling in water for a minimum of two hours shall bring out whether the bead is created using an artificial joint.

(5) Always the follow the guidelines to procure perfect beads which are not damaged, have a hard body, hard thorny yet smooth surface and have a natural hole.

(6) Predominant etching of om, shivling or Trishul should indicate that it is spurious although in some genuine beads such etching occurs.

How to find Original Nepal Beads or Identification of original Nepal bead – Nepal beads are generally larger in size and each line or Mukhi of Nepal rudraksha beads are have depth and deep too compared to Jave beads. Best way of finding Nepal beads is the lines of each face starts from roots and ends from roots, however identification of rare beads like Trijuti and 14 or higher Mukhi Rudraksha is often difficult as more of fake beads are available with extra lines made and complication arise because of higher level of skills used by unscrupulous elements in creating fake beads like joining a section inside the bead.

General question arises in the mind while buying rudraksha is where to buy genuine rudraksha or where to buy original rudraksha, which rudraksha bead to wear, what are benefits of rudraksha and what are prices of rudraksha.

Rudraksha has been in use as an ayurvedic medicine and finds mention in several books for herbal medicine. Rudraksha may have its effects on the following manner.

(1) The Subtle acupressure exerted on the body through the beads, natural characteristics of rudraksha because wherever the beads touch the body, continuously for several hours a day which make both mind and body to function properly.

(2) Faith – Medicines cure illness more effectively when the patient has confidence in the doctor or on the medicine. Faith healing can take place only when one develops an inner confidence.

(3) Research – Wearing 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered good for heart diseases. Wearing rudraksha changes the aura of a person and may lead to changes in his or her physical condition. If we summarize, wearing rudraksha is beneficial to the nervous system bringing in calmness and peace of mind. It controls blood pressure and consequently gives the way for mental stability, removal of stress and helps to retain a healthy body.

How to Choose Rudraksha and Combination Power of Rudraksha

There are different ways to follow in selecting, choosing and wearing different rudrakshas in multiple numbers or rudraksha of various mukhis.

Following are the ways or recommended practice of how to choose rudraksha beads.

(1) As per expectations

(2) As per horoscope

(3) Numerology

(4) Guru Prasad

As per our ancient epics, rudraksha showers the blessing of Gods and Goddesses. These beads are much Superior to gems as they have no side effects and they work with the help of spiritual effects and energy aspect. Selecting rudraksha according to one’s problem and objectives is easy, just by understanding the properties of beads and various mukhis. You may wear several numbers of the same Mukhi rudraksha or combination of different mukhis. Following combinations according to problems or  objectives are given and respectively chosen beads or combination of rudraksha beads can be weared

  • Rudraksha For a problem of Concentration and Focus4 Mukhi Rudraksha beads can be worn in form or mala or 27 beads
  • Rudraksha to gain wealth through any business activity and a career in a senior position – 7 Mukhi + 8 Mukhi + 12 Mukhi)  Combination of 7 Mukhi (assigned to Goddess Laxmi), 8 Mukhi Rudraksha (assigned to Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles) and 12 Mukhi to Lord Sun to give you immense energy or power to perform 
  • Rudraksha For RelationshipTwo Mukhi from Nepal or Gaurishanker rudraksha
  • Rudraksha For removing of obstaclesEight Mukhi or 11 Mukhi or 19 Mukhi
  • Rudraksha for wavering mind or mental weakness4 Mukhi, 6 Mukhi, 8 Mukhi or 11 Mukhi
  • Rudraksha for oratory Skills, Artistic presentation or charm (preferable for marketing professional, leaders, film stars)13 Mukhi Rudraksha
  • Rudraksha for administration power and authority12 Mukhi Rudraksha
  • Rudraksha for Protection from Jealousy, evil eye, black magic10 Mukhi with 9 Mukhi + 11 Mukhi Rudraksha
  • Rudraksha for protection from Fear, threats, and loneliness – 9 Mukhi + 10 Mukhi + 11 Mukhi together
  • Rudraksha For Marriage as well as marital life – 2 Mukhi Nepali along with Gaurishankar
  • Rudraksha for victory over adversities – 16 Mukhi
  • Rudraksha for winning in Lottery, horse racing, speculative business like the stock market – 17 Mukhi and 14 Mukhi
  • Rudraksha for Education, memory, hypertension – 4 Mukhi and 6 Mukhi
  • Rudraksha for New Project Launch of public issues, a large stake in large ventures – 18 Mukhi
  • Rudraksha for wealth along with visualization power – 15 Mukhi
  • Rudraksha for Meditation, Family protection and success in any protection – one Mukhi to 14 Mukhi, Ganesha, and Gauri Shanker beads
  • Rudraksha for Excellence in any field – 14 Mukhi, 17 Mukhi, or 19 Mukhi

Depending on the problem and on the basis of Priority, one wear rudraksha initially in small numbers and use less expensive beads before opting for rare and expensive beads.

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