• Why Buy from Rudrapuja?
    Rudrapuja works with the policy of providing strictly the genuine products and the prices of the product are for genuine things only, as such we provide the guarantee certificate from rudrapuja which confirms the quality and genuinty thereby increasing the responsibility towards the society and our clients.I (Rajesh) keep my self in the position of customers and tries to find out the requirements and problems faced and tries to make changes accordingly.Talking about yantra(vedic yantras) designed and  developed by Rudrapuja are striclty according to puranas.

    Rudraksha beads are collected personally by me(Rajesh) and takes all the steps towards collecting the most genuine and fresh quality beads.

    If you are looking for genuine beads and genuine products, Rudrapuja is there for you, We also claim to provide the most genuine products at the most best price.

    Rudrapuja truly assures of providing only and only genuine hindu religious products and also beleives in keeping as much transparency as possible for our cleints.

  • Is our payment Safe through credit cards? 

    Due to increased number problems of Frauds or false payments being faced by customers all over the world. Rudrapuja has tried and has achieved success in keeping the safest option of transferring the payment for any transaction, if then also if you have problem before transferring please feel free to contact us.All the modes of payment are Safe for our clients, even customers willing to make payment through credit cards can also transfer through our integrated PayPal account which is the worlds safest secure payment gateway even used by Ebay (Worlds largest online Store). PayPal is an secure and safe way of making payment through credit cards, as funds transferred through will not cleared in our accounts until and unless the delivery report of the exact product is not being reached through clients mail to PayPal.

    We have also made facilitation for our overseas clients to make Payment through western union money transfer.

  • Do Rudrakshas and Yantras work? 

    Those people thinking to buy rudraksha or yantras for the first time are in doubt that whether these remedy will work from them or not.If bought with true faith and proper energisation done with right consultation accordingly on the aforesaid rudraksha and yantras will give right impact bought for the purpose.

    So choose Rudrakshas according to the purpose with right method of Puja.