Following are the Terms kept into consideration while transacting with Rudrapuja

  1. Payment has been to be made strictly initailly while giving order, that will be applicable to all clients and distributors also. ( Distributors has to confirm all the order with their code and exact specification).
  2. It may happen that some of the products may not be available at the time of order, so it may happen that  delivery can be forwarded within 7 days.
  3. It may happen due to some Unfavourable condition like unfavourable weather, political instability or any other reason which are out of control of normal situation delivery or disptach of product may take more time than normal delivery, so we request our clients to take this point inot consideration.
  4. While returning the goods if not satisfactory, Clients and Customer should take care that products are of Rudrapuja only and should be returned in the same manner as it was given along with packing box and free gifts.