Ram Raksha Yantra


Lord Ram, is the most famous incarnation of Vishnu. He is righteousness personified and is also called as Maryada Purusottama. He was a son unequalled in the world, and resembled his father Dasaratha in the possession of good qualities. He never spoke an untruth, He respected the learned and the elderly; people adored Him, and He loved them. His transcendental body was free from disease and the influence of old age. He was eloquent, beautiful, and adaptable to circumstances. He knew the heart of every man on earth [being omniscient], and He alone was aloof from the world of matter.
Yantra to destroys all the evils, and protects the person from all sorts of difficulties. To get rid of all perils, obstacles in the way of your success, gain, all round prosperity, fame and luxuries

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